Creative Retreat Centre


What is the Creative Retreat Centre project?


It is where creative and spiritual people can come together as a group or individuals for


(a) Long and short term retreats on Creative Arts and Spirituality


(b) Meditation/Mindful workshops


(c) Creative Arts events.


The property will either be purpose built or adapted build, set in its own grounds that will make it self-sufficient to run and feed all of its functions - hopefully. It will be set on the Isle of Arran.


What are we looking for at this stage?


(1) Interested people who wish to volunteer as a steering group to do a feasibility study.


(2) Ideas to improve our initial project.


(3) Join our newsletter.


For more information please contact Linda via the contact page.


Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


PS. Please pass this on to interested parties.


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