Seashore Healing


The power to heal yourself lies in your hands as the body is a self healing organism. Disease is an imbalance in body and mind. Listen to your body.


To help your body to heal you should try to:


  • Love yourself
  • Listen to your body
  • Enjoy life
  • Have proper sleep and rest
  • Have fresh air around you
  • Listen to natural sounds
  • Meditate
  • Walk along the seashore
  • Be your real self


A Simple Seashore Meditation (visualisation)


Please be seated.

Close your eyes.

Gently breathe in through your nose and exhale though your mouth.

Calm the mind by gently pushing away intrusive thoughts.

Visualise yourself walking along the Seashore.

Choose a safe spot.

Mould the sand to make a pillow and lie down.

Feel the wind cover you with a blanket of warm air.

Smell the sea air and taste the saltiness.

Hear the waves flow and ebb.

You see a being of light stand over you.

The being sprinkles you with magic sand.

The sand glistens except where you have tension.

The being takes some magical seaweed and empowers it with healing and places it on the  darkened areas of sand.

You feel the healing taking place and the tension disappears.

Now all the sand crystals are glowing with good health.

Thank the sand crystals, the seaweed and the being of light.

Gradually open your eyes and return to the present.







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